These Ain't Your Grannies' Jams!



What to do with Chile Jams?

Of course the most logical answer would be spread it on your breakfast bread or make a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Another favorite, pour the jam over a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers.  But they are good for SO MUCH MORE! Add 1 T water to 4 T jam, heat in the microwave 30 seconds, stir well. If you'd like it a bit thinner, add more water but be careful not to "water down" the great taste of the jams too much. Use as syrup for pancakes, waffles, French toast or ice cream or use as a glaze for your grilled baked meats. Use as the "flavor" for your next milkshake. Be creative, use your imagination!

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Cherry Chipotle Jam
Plump tart red cherries play the perfect host for the addition of the smokey heat of chipotle chile.  Tastes great on breakfast toast as well as on after dinner ice cream and everything in between.

Made from cherries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice and chipotle. Beware of the pits!


Just Peachy Red Chile Jam
A zesty blend of juicy peaches and red chile produces a jam that is spicy but not painful.
Great with roasted chicken. "Make Chile Jammin' Pinwheels" by spreading cream cheese and jam on flour tortillas, roll up and slice. Spread on toast or as one die-hard chile jam addict does, mix with scrambled eggs.

Made with peaches, sugar, pectin, lemon juice and crushed hot red chile.

Green Chile Apple Pie Jam

Get your next apple pie from a jar! This jam made with apples and green chile has the flavor and taste of good ole' apple pie with an added "kick" from good ole" New Mexico green chile. Add some zing to your breakfast toast or put a bit of pizzazz in your next apple pie. And don't forget to heat some to go over your next bowl of ice cream!

Ingredients: Apples, sugar, green chile, lemon juice, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt.


Straw'banero Jam
The blending of juicy strawberries and spicy habanero is sure to please any palate.
A great reason to eat breakfast, your taste buds will get very excited when you spread this on toast, muffins or bagels.
How about an "adult PB&J" sandwich or mix with yogurt for a dressing for a zesty fruit salad.

This product contains strawberries, habanero, sugar and pectin.


Habanero Hula Jam

Habanero in small quantities gives this pineapple jam a hot tropical flavor without the sunburn.  A natural accompaniment for ham or shrimp and fantastic on grilled ribs. Make some extra sauce for dipping.  

Made with pineapple, sugar, pectin, lemon juice and habaneros.