These Ain't Your Grannies' Jams!




"Don't play with your food," Momma always told me. I listened, but I didn't always practice her wisdom.
That is how this all began…

A few years ago when a friend and fellow co-worker presented me with a bag of chile peppers hoping to have that year's holiday gift of homemade jams spiked with the beautiful gems, my first reaction was to set his expectations straight. I bailed. Well… I told him I had never made jams with chiles hoping he would get the hint, but he had faith. I took the chiles home.

After hours of shooting a roll of film and displaying the chiles into colorful arrangements hoping to use them for other means, I succumbed to my friend's request and did exactly what Momma told me not to do. I began to play with my food. Sorry, Momma.

My first batch of green chile jam turned out to be a spicy success. My friend's faith was a tasty surprise, so I played more. Next game…jalapeño. A zesty star was born and I was feeling pretty darn hot myself.

After making hundreds of jars in my tiny kitchen trying to keep up with requests from peers, family and friends wanting more jam, the decision was made to go commercial. The heat was on!

The first batch of Hellacious Jalapeño Jam poured from the kettle of Food Processors of New Mexico in early October 2000. It was quickly followed by the introduction of Just Peachy Red Chile Jam in November 2000. They both received blazing reviews! Chile Jammin' Stuff, Inc. was off and running.

Chile Jammin' Stuff jams are made in small batches with no artificial colors, flavors, fillers or sodium to maintain the same integrity as the ones made in my own kitchen for my family and friends. Today, Chile Jammin' Stuff is sold in 8 oz. jars, twelve per case, in eight  fiery flavors for our friends - old and new. Turn up the heat and share it with yours!

Enjoy, Ann - Head Chile.

In loving memory of Ann Cates, August 9, 1942 - March 22, 2006.

Ann Cates, creator of Chile Jammin', started her business in 2000. In 2005 due to health reasons Ann made the painful decision to sell her company. As one of her closest friends I wanted to see her products continue just as she had always done, so I purchased the company, now with eight delicious chile jams. Anyone who has ever purchased the chile jams will find the same high quality, which has always been in  Ann's jams. For those who have never tried these chile jams, you are in for a treat!  There is no conceit involved when I say these are some of the greatest tasting chile jams on the market today. Try them for yourself! My goal will always be to continue to produce these award-winning chile jams as Ann would have done.


Barbara Mangum