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Hell Hath No Fury

products made with 100% pure

 Habanero powder







All products get their extreme heat from 100% pure habanero powder, but the products are not just about heat. Each recipe was created for flavor first and the habanero was added to crank up the heat to a XXXXHOT level. The salsa and ketchup are low sodium, (from the tomatoes we use). The dip, and hot sauce are salt free.  Regular dip mixes are at least half salt which takes away from the amount of chili, powders and spices in the package. Since ours contain NO salt you get a mix with a hearty flavor of the chili and spices without the salt. Then of course if you need a salt fix you can always try our seasoning salt.


Hell Hath No Fury Habanero Salsa

Our finest recipe for Green Chili Salsa with the heat level provided from 100% pure habanero powder. Contains: tomatoes, green chili, onions, vinegar, garlic. habanero powder, cumin.


Hell Hath No Fury Seasoning Salt

Contains salt, jalapeno, habanero, New Mexico red and green chili powders granulated garlic & onions. Use on all foods, just as you would salt.


Hell Hath No Fury Hot Sauce - XXXXHOT

Hell Hath No Fury Hot Sauce is not just about heat. This salt free hot sauce adds a wonderful flavor to any food you want to spice up! Our "Liquid Fire" hot sauce contains jalapeno, habanero, extra hot green and extra hot red chili powders for heat and granulated garlic and onion for added flavor.


Hell Hath No Fury Dip Mix

Contains jalapeno, habanero, New Mexico red & green chili powders and dehydrated red and green chili, granulated garlic and onions. Can also be mixed with tomatoes for a salsa, with cheese for con queso, with refried beans for a bean dip, and makes a powerfully hot salad dressing.