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FREE Cookbook with each $100 purchase


not just a ... COOKBOOK


Featuring over 200 recipes from  46 New Mexico companies


Recipes include old family favorites

100 year old eggnog recipe

Traditional posole served during feast days

Old Fashion Bread Pudding w/ Jack Daniels Sauce

Portuguese Tortillas (from a Cafe in the 1950’s)


Unusual recipes

Pinto Bean Fudge

Cow Patties

Margarita Pie

Pinto Bean Pie


Funniest recipe

You may have seen this before, but have you tried to make it ?!

Cuervo Christmas Cookies


Also included in the cookbook

history, fun facts and trivia about New Mexico.


Did you know …

New Mexico is the only state with “USA” on our license plates?

Our production of chili is twice that of California?


New Mexico Specialty Food Companies produce well over 1,000 products, many of which can be ordered from the companies participating in the cookbook.